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Living Room

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Mona’s living room will charm you with its distinctive multi-level architecture, lofty ceilings and industrial details. Curious design objects and bespoke ceramics blend with interiors to surround you in beauty.

Mona’s ground floor space is both meeting and laptop-friendly, making it an ideal place to power through work. Its lounge aesthetic serves as a station for inspiration and can accommodate events of all nature.

The cafe’s open-plan kitchen is a playground for world-class chefs whom we collaborate with regularly to conjure up innovative culinary experiences.

The rooftop

Lose yourself in endless urban landscapes and uninterrupted Acropolis-gazing at the point where cityscape meets serenity. During the warmer months, Mona’s rooftop plays host to CLUB MONAmour: a pop-up series of social gatherings and creative showcases.

A melange of House of Shila members, hotel guests and the city’s most interesting individuals, get together to enjoy cocktails, specialty wines and sensual tunes.

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An underground venue space that hosts music gigs, exhibitions, late night dancing and alluring private affairs. Mona’s speakeasy is a space that can stage an incredible range of happenings. We can help you imagine.

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